Clean your home
and create a healthy environment
with essential oils

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- by Danielle Sade B.Sci, C.A.H.P.

The facts we hear in advertising pitches about cleaning products just don't seem to fit the theory of having a clean home. More and more evidence is revealing that chemical detergents are polluting our homes and creating environments that are negatively affecting our health. The facts speak for themselves. Respiratory illness is now the leading cause of admissions to hospitals. Childhood asthma has risen exponentially. It is now estimated that cancer will affect two out of three people in North America. These and other alarming statistics should lead us to the question: “What is it that we are doing that is creating an epidemic of poor and life threatening illness?”.

Extensive research is revealing that our everyday household products contain chemicals that effect our health

Daily household products Chemical Components Health Hazards
Shampoos Cresol, formaldehydes, glycols
nitrates/nitro amines
Sulfur compounds
Skin Irritants
Hair spray Butane propellants Skin Irritants
Eye Irritants
Antiperspirants & deodorants Aerosol propellants
Aluminum chlorhydrate
Skin Irritant
Eye Irritants
Moisturizers, Lotions & Cosmetics Glycols
Skin Irritants
Eye Irritant
Chlorine bleach Sodium hypo chlorite When combined with ammonia, it will release a dangerous gases Respiratory disorders
Metal Polish Petroleum distillates Eye irritation
Nervous disorders
Skin irritation
Short and long term exposure may effect kidneys
Glass Cleaners Ammonia Eye irritant
Lung irritation
Disinfectants Phenols & Cresols
Please note: These chemicals exist in natural essential oils.
Corrosive to skin
Fainting dizziness
Liver damage
Furniture & Floor Polishes Nitrobenzene Skin discoloration
Shallow breathing
Birth defects
Preservatives in cleaning products Spray starch Formaldehyde Carcinogenic
Eye, skin & throat irritant
Spot Removers & Carpet Cleaners perchloroethylene or 1-1-1 trichloroethane solvents Liver damage
Moth Balls paradichlorobenzene Carcinogenic
Long term exposure affects
the nervous system
Eye irritant
Toilet bowl Cleaners Hydrochloric acid or sodium acid sulfate Long term use
Contact dermatitis
Eye irritation. When in
straight contact with the eyes
can cause blindness.

These poisons and toxic substances can easily be replaced with old age remedies that were used to clean homes effectively.

A solution of acetic acid. Most vinegar contains 5 per cent acetic acid in water. This cleans and deodorizes your home with anti-septic antibacterial properties with no streaking or residue build up.

Baking Soda:
A white solid crystalline that appears as a fine powder. It is a phenomenal deodorizer for carpets refrigerators, upholstery and drains, and polishes aluminum chrome and jewelry. Baking soda softens the water in your laundry and the bathtub. An excellent toothpaste and safe under arm deodorant.

Essential oils:
Pure natural essential oils are a wonderful alternative to using artificial room fragrances and they also have the ability to remove airborne bacteria and infections that may effect the household. Using Essential Oils at home is the most natural way to add delightful aroma to your home and at the same time remove airborne bacteria and infections to provide a healthier home. Keeping in mind that even though essential oils are natural and derived from pure botanical sources, over exposure to them may also have contraindications.

Listed below you will find a list of essential oils that I highly recommend to use in your personalized cleaning products;

Lemon (Citrus limon):
The lovely citrus fragrance is uplifting and refreshing. It is always a compliment to any personalized cleaning product. Rejuvenating and refreshing, while contributing to the anti-septic and anti-bacterial effect of the environment. This oil may also be used as a bleach to lighten or remove stains.

Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis):
A wonderful herbaceous fragrant that is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This is an oil to use when air is infested with mildew and infections relating to respiratory tract, also it is insecticide: I would recommend spraying a mist of rosemary in cabinets, drawer, bathrooms, bath tub, garbage cans and other areas in the home that may accumulate mildew or fungus.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globules):
The freshness and the openness of the Eucalyptus essential oil will refresh the air. Leaving your home with the feeling of open space. This age old remedy has been used for medicinal purposes, cleaning agent to cleaning sticky grime and even removing adhesive glue. Now there is a vast amount of research that indicates that it is capable of killing dust mites, the number one cause of allergies.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia):
Tea tree strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic properties reduces the spread of infections and disinfects the areas of applications. Tea Tree will inhibit mildew build up in the home especially in bathroom and toilet bowls.

The fresh floral fragrant of Lavandin is a wonderful fragrant is highly anti-septic, anti-bacterial; decongestant. Relieves any room with stagnant air circulation. Highly recommended when with a feeling contributing to an uplifting and clean aroma in your home.

Pine (Pine Sylvestris):
A fresh pine aroma leaving your home smelling like an alpine forest: Pine essential oil disinfects bacteria, cleans the home environment from dust and grime. Allows easy breathing. Recommended for asthmatic conditions colds and flues allowing easy breathing.

Lavandin & Pine spray cleaner: Rosemary deodorizer and infecting spray Eucalyptus washing solution for dust mites Lemon and Pine
Carpet cleaner
10 drops of Lavandin
8 drops of Pine
1tsp of borax
litre of water

Add to bucket and clean areas such as bathrooms, kitchens
8 drops of Rosemary
12 drops of lemon
30 mls of water

Pour into glass spray bottle. Use on counter tops and as an air freshener
1 table spoon of Eucalyptus
1 cup of vinegar

Add to last spin in laundry.
15 drops of lemon
10 drops of pin
2 cups of baking soda.

Add essential oils to powder. Sprinkle powder onto carpets and leave for an hour. Then vacuum thoroughly.
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