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Pricing and Packages

Harmony Home Cleaning provides all of the tested natural products to ensure the quality of our service and protect our customers. We only ask that our customers provide a vacuum in good working condition.

Packages Pricing and Description Cleaning Services
Regular Rates
  • $20 to $30 per hour
  • All products included
  • Dependent on the service and
  • Harmony Home SPA Cleaning
  • Mini Home SPA Cleaning
  • Spring & Intensive
  • Move-in or Move-out
  • Monthly and Biweekly
    Signature SPA Cleaning Service
  • Leave all the cleaning worries to us
  • Signature Harmony Home SPA Cleaning
  • Home Aromatherapy treatment selection and a special gift
  • Discounted based on cleaning frequency and specifics of the home
  • Gift Certificates An excellent gift for family, friends, or colleagues; let them go home to a space that is clean and stimulates the senses.
  • Great for holidays or anniversaries
  • Mini SPA Cleaning provides a perfect gift at a low price
  • All gifts include selection of Home Aromatherapy treatment and our
         signature gift such as organic chocolate truffles in each room.

  • Service Guarantee

    Harmony Home Cleaning provides a full money back guarantee for all of our services. We are confident in the quality of our service and are willing to back it up.

    Customer Referrals

    We welcome referrals and to show our thanks we will offer our signature gifts or discounts to these valued and supportive customers.

    Signature Products

    Improve your health and wellness by using the signature Harmony Home Products for your own home use. Please contact 416.425.8288 to order. Avoid shipping costs by having your Cleaning Associate deliver your order personally during your next cleaning.

    Signature Products
    Product Description Price  
    Aroma Stream Diffuser Perfect for diffusing essential oils in larger areas at home or at work. This electric fan diffuser is discreet and easy to use with a quiet yet very effective fan. $90
    Aroma Mouse Diffuser This discreet electric fan diffuser can be operated by battery or plug. Ideal for use around the home, at work or while travelling. $52
    Organic Chocolate Truffles (12) Handmade organic chocolate truffles, box of 12. $16
    Organic Chocolate Truffles (24) Handmade organic chocolate truffles, box of 24. $30

    Signature Blends
    Product Description Price Size
    Relaxation A soothing and restorative blend. $15 10 ml
    Energy Uplift To stimulate the mind and reduce stress. $14 10 ml
    Floral Garden A soothing and balancing feminine blend. $15 10 ml
    Immune Boost Strengthen the body and promote health $14 10 ml
    Essential Oils
    Product Description Price Size
    Eucalyptus Botanical Name: eucalyptus globulus
    Origin: China
    $10 10 ml
    Lavender Botanical Name: lavandula officinalis
    Origin: France
    $15 10 ml
    Lemon Botanical Name: citrus limonum
    Origin: Sicily
    $10 10 ml
    Rosemary Botanical Name: rosmarinus officinalis
    Origin: Tunisia
    $11 10 ml
    Tea Trea Botanical Name: melaleuca alternifolia
    Origin: Australia
    $12 10 ml

    The essential oils are the finest quality available from around the world, and are pure, natural, and undiluted. Harmony Home Cleaning is a distributor for these Absolute Aroma products. For a full list please visit
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