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Perfect Harmony for your Home or Office.

Natural Products

Cleaning using natural and eco-friendly products


Cleaning is the best method to remove viruses and bacteria from all surfaces including Coronaviruses

Customer Service

Responsive service and communication focusing on each customers individual needs

Harmony Cleaning

Harmony Cleaning has provided clean and healthy homes and offices to our customers since 2006.  Our cleaning associates use natural and eco-friendly products so you can enjoy the comforts of your space knowing it has been cleaned safely and naturally. 

Home Cleaning

Enjoy an environment that is clean, refreshing and stimulating to the senses.  Offering a wide variety of home  cleaning services, all of which include using natural products to provide comfortable, safe, and healthy environments.  Our unique Home Aromatherapy Treatment uses essential oils to help disinfect and purify the air, to improve your health and wellness.

Office and Commercial Cleaning

Happy, healthy, and productive offices and commercial spaces. Our service provides offices that are clean and much better work environments by avoiding the use of any harsh chemicals. We also purify the air by diffusing essential oils that help  combat bacteria and viruses, while also adding a delightful aroma.

Our Cleaning Services

Thorough Home Cleaning

Our signature service delivering thorough cleaning to all rooms in your home using only natural, and eco-friendly products.

Spring Intensive Cleaning

These cleanings are usually done only a few times each year and generally include top to bottom cleaning both inside and outside of all surfaces, shelves, appliances, cabinets, and closets.

Moving / Post Construction

Move-in, move-out and post construction cleanings are heavy duty cleanings with all equipment and supplies provided to ensure no details are overlooked.  

Office and Commercial

Our office and commercial cleanings services are tailored to the individual needs of each customer while continuing to use natural and eco-friendly products for everyone’s health and safety.

Extras/Other Services

Need additional cleaning services, pre-sale cleanings or purchase a gift certificate.  We can help. 


In addition to providing thorough cleanings, Harmony Cleaning uses Essential Oils to further enhance the experience ensuring a healthy, stimulating, and rejuvenating environment.     The Oils have active antiseptic, antibacterial and even anti-viral properties.   Some examples include Lavender,  Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree. 

The Essential Oils are also known for their delightful aromas and active healing and cleaning properties.

Clients Love Us!

Client Photo

“The place looks and smells great. There were so many WOWs, like the banana treatment on the plants, the windows being cleaned and cleaning the grease under the stovetop. Thank you for the “treat” on the pillows”.

Client Photo

“The house was so clean and fresh that the whole family, including my 21 month old got our best night’s sleep we have had in months. You have got to tell me what you used to clean our bathroom counters, they’ve never looked this good, even when we bought the house”.

Client Photo
Becca S.

“The Harmony Cleaning team are truly professionals. In addition to regular home cleaning, we had the team help us with post reno cleaning. The work is exceptional, their attention to detail is impressive. Our family has been their customer for over three.”

Client Photo

“All of my furniture was virtually brand new after the cleaning. They did a fantastic job. They scrubbed and cleaned the furniture over and over until it looked new again. The grey layer of concrete/paint splatter was gone. It looked like it did the day I got it. And the price was seriously reasonable. Highly recommend!”

Client Photo
Ben S

“Have been a customer for over 2 years. First rate cleaning service — friendly people, super reliable, and always do a great job.”

Client Photo
Ben H

“I have used them for 8 years across many different properties – houses, condos and for regular and construction cleans and the cleaners are always professional and do a great job!”

Client Photo
Hillary C

“Fantastic service! They were a pleasure to deal with and set us up with a post-construction, pre-baby house-cleaning and we could not be happier! Our cleaner was friendly and very thorough, leaving the house smelling clean and not at all like harsh chemicals. We were also pleased to find that their rates are extremely reasonable. We are so happy with their service from start to finish and would recommend them to anyone!”.

Client Photo
Veronique D

“I have used Harmony Home Cleaning for 3 years. The cleaner who took care of my home did such an amazing job. The company does excellent work.”

Client Photo
Kelly P

“Just wanted to thank you for the most amazing service this morning – the ladies were great and the house looks awesome! Greatly appreciate their tremendous attention to detail!”

Client Photo
Daniel L

“Such fantastic service! Norm and is team were respectful, helpful, and my home was very well cleaned. I would highly recommend his service to anyone”

Client Photo
Ann L

“I have used Harmony Home Cleaning Service for over 12 years and this speaks volumes to the service they provide. They are professional, eco-friendly, always on time, efficient and very friendly The cleaning they provide is outstanding, …”

Client Photo
Gwenda L

“I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the service and professionalism of my whole experience with Harmony Home Cleaning. What caught my eye was their commitment to community and what sealed the deal was how diligent the ladies were at ensuring our home was as clean as possible. I will continue to use them in the future.”

Client Photo
Michele S

“We love Harmony Home Cleaning! The customer service via email is excellent and the cleaners do an absolutely amazing job! I reached out to multiple cleaning companies in one day and Norman from Harmony responded quickly and professionally. The rates are excellent as well and I highly recommend”

Client Photo
Kim S

“Easy to book over email, and the cleaning was detailed and every surface was left spotless. Very reasonable rates too.”

Treat yourself to a clean
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